Lofton Creek Kayak Tour, Lofton Creek Kayak Tour

Lofton Creek Kayak Tour, Great Family Fun!

Our Lofton Creek Kayak Tour is a calm, black water channel that meanders through the forested wetlands of Yulee, Florida. A primordial waterway, Lofton Creek features transparent, acidic water that is dark in color, created by the tannins which leach into the water as vegetation decays. Replete with bald cypress, sweet gum, and rare flowers like pickerel weed and wild azaleas, this unique ecosystem is reminiscent of an old south bayou – brackish water teeming with unique plants, animals, and reptiles. Native Americans most likely fished these waters and cultivated the land for thousands of years before the Spanish, French, and English arrived in the mid-16th century.

Kayak_Amelia_Island-9884Lofton Creek Kayak Tour is perfect for paddlers of any level, including children and beginners. It’s an intimate nature experience in which participants can expect to get up close and personal with turtles, alligators, snakes, otters, and occasionally, manatees. The terrestrial nature of the forest attracts pileated woodpeckers, red shoulder hawks, and the curious anhinga, sometimes referred to as the “water turkey.” The protected makeup of Lofton Creek means paddling here is “weather resistant” to tumultuous coastal conditions. A south-bound paddle on Lofton Creek provides picturesque marsh views, whereas a north-bound paddle is a more remote, forested experience. The Lofton Creek Kayak Tour is a guaranteed good time for everyone in your group!

Kayak_Amelia_Island-9884Participants should meet at the Lofton Creek boat ramp at 463540 SR 200, Yulee, Florida. Bring sunscreen, bug spray,water, snacks, and a camera. Dress appropriately for the weather, and be prepared to get wet.

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Lofton Creek Kayak Tour Details

  • Calm Fresh Water tidal river
  • Perfect for first time
  • paddlers and children
  • Black water
  • Protected from coastal weather
  • Intimate Nature experience
  • Alligators, Turtles, Birds, Snakes.
  • Flowers and plants
  • Meeting address: 463540 Florida 200, Yulee, Florida 32097-3302
  • $55 per person
  • Tour meeting times are determined by high and low tide cycles and change daily. When booking online you will be asked if you prefer a morning or afternoon adventure and we will do our best to accommodate your request. You will receive a phone call to say hello, learn about your group and update your meeting time.

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